Shocked world reacts to ‘scary’ basket-brawl

YOU wouldn't have ordinarily expected that a basketball World Cup qualifier between Australia and the Philippines would make international headlines.

But this was no ordinary match.

The violent all-in brawl that led to 13 interjections and an early end to the game has captured the world's attention.

CBS News described the bizarre incident as "scary", while Time reported on the "full-on fight" and Fox News reflected on a "wild brawl".

Uproxx labelled it the "biggest basketball brawl since Malice at the Palace" - referencing the 2004 brawl between the Pistons and Pacers in Michigan - and SB Nation called it the "biggest brawl of the last decade".

USA Today's "swarm of fists" was CNN's "mass brawl"; while New York tabloid headlines read "NBAer tries flicking kicks" (NY Post) and "more like hockey than basketball" (NY Daily News).

Other sources such as ESPN, Deadspin and the BBC all ran coverage of the fight, while niche publication RT said it would "leave even the most seasoned street fighter stunned".

Let's hope the next time the Australian basketball team makes international headlines it's for making the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

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