Book review: We Bought a Zoo


AUTHOR: Benjamin Mee

PUBLISHER: HarperCollins Publishers Aust

RRP: $19.99


WE Bought a Zoo was recently made into a successful film, but whether you've seen it or not, the book is well worth reading.

We Bought a Zoo is a remarkable true story of an English family who move into an old, run down zoo.

Author Benjamin Mee, a specialist in animal behaviour and once a columnist for the Guardian, was living what he thought was the ideal live - he and his wife Katherine had sold their home in London and moved to France with the idea of raising their children in the countryside.

But then after a strange turn of events, they moved into Dartmoor Wildlife Park and their family now included Solomon the African lion, Zak the Alpha wolf, Ronnie the Brazilian tapir and Sovereign the jaguar, who devised a long-term escape plan and implemented it.

Each chapter documents the trials and tribulations Benjamin and his family went through - nothing was ever easy and there was many a heart-breaking moment.

The story was a moving and unforgettable tale of a family living in the most extraordinary circumstance that brought me to tears. I highly recommend this book.

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