MESSAGE: Bangalow film maker and writer Damon Gameau.
MESSAGE: Bangalow film maker and writer Damon Gameau.

Book gives 'reasons to hope' for our children's future

BANGALOW filmmaker Damon Gameau will release a book to accompany his 2019 documentary 2040.

A Bangalow resident, Gameau will be part of the Byron Writers festival line up in 2019 to discuss the book and its purpose.

The documentary 2040 is an audiovisual letter from Gameau to his daughter Velvet, who is about to start school, and a reflection about what life she will be living in the year 2040, when Gameau will be 64.

Gameau said the book allows families to take the film's message and drill down on some of the issues and discuss them further, at home.

"With the film you've got only 90 minutes, so the amount of research that we did took us three years, so the book has a lot more detail, a lot of the things that I couldn't fit in the film I put in the book,” he said.

"There is a lot more explanation of how we may get to 2040, a lot more about the barriers, about the politics and the way that our current economy works and the various rules of the game.

"Also, there are sections in the book about what can people do right now; it's more practical advice on changes that you can make at home,” he said.

The film maker, now author, explained the book offers some interesting messages, such as a not-so-veiled criticism of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and even cooking recipes.

"In fact, the publisher made me put 50 cooking recipes at the end of the book, just using carbon-sequestering and perennial ingredients that help the soil,” he explained.

"When you read the book you'll see there is a lot of references to the lack of leadership we've had recently.

"That's been a great failure, how we are not taking action, we don't have courageous leaders that are taking us off in a different direction,” he said.

Gameau said the spirit of the book was a positive message of hope and a call to action.

"It has a lot more of what I call 'reasons to hope',” he said.

"In any given subject, whether is it agriculture or energy, there are more reasons to be excited about what people are doing around the world.”

The Byron Writers Festival 2019 will be held at at Elements of Byron Resort, 144 Bayshore Dr, Byron Bay, August 2 - 4. For details visit

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