BIZARRE: Woman creates turkey dinner using just her mouth

AFTER hearing of the numerous injuries that have occurred while cooking, an Australian film maker decided to film an entire cooking tutorial using no kitchen utensils, just her mouth.

Nathan Ceddia told Storyful: "Before we had all these fancy gadgets in our kitchen and before we even had kitchens we were hunters and gatherers who used our mouths for everything.

"By channeling my inner caveman, I've created a foolproof concept that minimises kitchen risks, replacing dangerous utensils with the safety of our own mouth.

"It's the ultimate all in one kitchen utensil."

Host Riva Godfrey chews up onion, carrot, celery, parsley, onion and bread and spits it into a bowl.

She tears open a lemon with her teeth, whisks an egg and melts a chunk of butter, using her mouth.

She then grinds peppercorns with her teeth and stuffs the entire chewed up mixture inside an uncooked turkey.

Then pops it in the oven and when cooked, pulls it apart and eats it with her fingers.

News Corp Australia