Bikie takes aim at cop and his pet dog

A SELF-proclaimed Rebel bikie, who allegedly threatened to go to the family home of a rural police officer and harm him and his pet dog, has been refused bail.

Former Toowoomba man and disqualified driver Derek-John Alfred Sharpley was arrested near Maryborough on Tuesday and his car confiscated after he allegedly evaded police earlier in the day.

Documents before the Maryborough Magistrates Court allege that when Sharpley was being transferred by police to the Maryborough watch house, he warned the arresting officer that when he got out, "your f***ing house is the first place I am going to".

The transcribed voice recording reads "I know where you live...I'm telling you that your f***ing puppy pooch isn't going to be too're f***ked hey...say goodbye... you wait and see what happens to you ... you know I'm tougher hey ... it's only a matter of time ... you'll be tap dancing soon bud".

He allegedly goes on to say he knows "every Rebel from here to New South (Wales)"; that he is a "Rebel member"; and "you're going to have some fun, I'm telling you".


When questioned at the station Sharpley allegedly claimed he had been "misinterpreted" and had "not tried to intimidate" the arresting officer.

But police objected to bail on the grounds the voice recording "clearly indicates" a threat and the officer feared "the defendant would carry out the threats and attend his private residence injuring him or his family".

Sharpley, who received a two-year ban from driving when he appeared in the Toowoomba Magistrates Court last November, had allegedly been driving his partner and small child around Howard.

He is charged with disqualified driving, failing to stop, threatening violence and obstructing police and will return to court on November 25.

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