Beware of silent killers

Yvette Luckock lost her mum to bowel cancer and is trying to make sure it doesn’t happen to others.
Yvette Luckock lost her mum to bowel cancer and is trying to make sure it doesn’t happen to others. Christopher Chan

SILENT killers are taking a toll on the population.

No, not light-footed assassins but the diseases which, without appropriate precautions, can take hold with the victim unawares until it is too late.

Port Curtis Medical Centre Dr Colan McGree said heart disease or heart attacks and bowel cancer were two common examples of the silent killer.

Dr McGree advised anyone experiencing heart attack symptoms to call an ambulance immediately.

"It is far better to have 10 false alarms then one missed heart attack."

Bowel cancer is another common silent killer which Dr McGree said is hard to pick up.

Because it is so common he advised people over the age of 50 get yearly checks because although it takes about 10 years to develop, it can be hard to detect.

Bowel cancer has touched Yvette Luckock's life and she is trying to ensure no one else is affected by it in the same way.

Ms Luckock lost her mother Erna to bowel cancer in 2005. As a tribute to her, she has dedicated her time with the Rotary Club of Gladstone Sunrise to helping others access annual bowel screening.

"It makes very simple sense that the Federal Government say 'right let's have a national bowel cancer screening program'," Ms Luckock said.

"It should be a yearly check," she said.

Ms Luckock said she would encourage anybody who wanted to learn more about bowel cancer to visit or



Bleeding from the rear end

A prolonged change in bowel habits whether it be more often or less often (more than two weeks)

Mucus from the rear end

Abnormal abdomen pain




Discomfort or pain in the centre of the chest

Discomfort in your upper body, arms, shoulders, neck, jaw or back

Being short of breath


Cold sweat

Feel dizzy or lightheaded

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