Last weekend, I had visitors from Canada drop by for a couple of nights while on a trip around Australia. Before they arrived I had to rack my brains about where to take them. The problem was they only had one full day to spend with me so when I started to think about which part of the Sunshine Coast to show them I found myself in a bit of a dilemma. It made me realise that it's not so easy to show off the beauty of the Sunshine Coast to someone in a day. 

Mention the Sunshine Coast and Noosa is the spot that often pops to mind. Noosa is absolutely lovely but as someone who lives here, I know there's more to the Sunshine Coast than Hastings Street. 

I eventually narrowed my choices down to either taking them to the beach (or perhaps to a few beaches) or spending the day exploring the hinterland.

There are plenty of beaches to choose, from family friendly Caloundra to an adventure on the Cooloola Coast. But I didn't want my friends to leave with the impression that all we had were beautiful beaches and nothing else. 

My friends are active and adventurous types. If they had a few more days I would have taken them on a four-wheel driving adventure at Rainbow Beach. As they are avid kayakers, I would have loved to spend a day kayaking the Pumistone Passage with them. 

Finally, after tossing it up with my husband I decided that having recently arrived from freezing Canada, they'd probably appreciate the slightly cooler weather up in the hinterland. They were driving from Brisbane and as it turned out, they decided to take the long scenic route to my house and on the way they stopped in the hinterland and explored waterfalls and walks I've never even heard of. 

Anyway, in the process of deciding which parts of the Sunshine Coast I should show my friends in a day, I wrote a list of best places to go on the Sunshine Coast so that I'm prepared for my next lot of visitors. 

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