Justine Jones
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Slain Coast barmaid a party girl, claims accused murderer

THE self-labelled "bachelor" accused of murdering Justine Jones told police he assumed she had gone on a bender with her drug-dealing friends.

Richard Peter Coburn, 29, painted a picture of an endless party culture where the 22-year-old Alexandra Headland barmaid slept all day and partied all night.

He claimed Ms Jones was "social" and would go home with anyone who fed her more booze and drugs.

Mr Coburn said the parties would keep going "until they run out of drugs or everyone passes out and they do it again".

He told police in a two-hour recorded video interview two nights after Ms Jones went missing that she had disappeared for days previously.

"All I can think is that night she went out with someone and went back to their place and she could still be partying now," he said.

"Knowing her lifestyle she could still be partying on."

When asked whether he did drugs or knew these people, Mr Coburn said: "I stay away from them, mate, stay away from those people.

"They have big tattoos, big holes in their ears and stuff like that."

Justine Jones
Justine Jones Contributed

Mr Coburn has pleaded not guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court to murdering Ms Jones at the Alexandra Headland unit where they had watched a State of Origin game on July 7, 2010, and dumping her body in a wheelie bin.

Ms Jones' naked body, wrapped in a doona, was found a week later at the Nambour tip.

Mr Coburn told police Ms Jones was dressed to go out partying when he hugged her for the last time after the game.

He claimed he left about 10.30pm and got home at Sippy Downs where he lived with his sister about 11pm - a story that is contrary to evidence from other witnesses and phone records.

Mr Coburn said there was no bad blood between him and Ms Jones.

He said they were just close friends who had sex regularly.

Mr Coburn tried to play down the pair's violent history, which has formed much of the evidence in the trial thus far.

He said Ms Jones had hit him while drunk but he had "never touched her".

Mr Coburn, when asked where police should search, pointed the finger at one of Ms Jones' other beaus, Nathan Lacey.

He said Ms Jones had told him Mr Lacey was a stalker and claimed "he didn't seem right" when he dropped around that State of Origin night.

Mr Coburn painted himself as a ladies' man who slept with women up and down the Queensland coast, though he could not remember their last names.

He said he and Ms Jones knew they were seeing other people.

The Crown has argued Mr Coburn was infatuated with Ms Jones and he killed her out of jealousy.

The jury will see another one-hour police interview video of Mr Coburn today.

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