ELISE Stacy, one of the new favourites to win The Bachelor, has revealed that she nearly quit Ten's dating show earlier this year.

The former Hockyroo jumped into contention last night after her one-on-one date with Matty Johnson.

Elise's father, Phil, turned wingman making the date happen after quizzing Matty about his daughter's prospects on the show.

Elise admits that she grew so frustrated with the lack of attention from Matty up until then that she had considered walking out.

"I was, kind of, done," Elise said. "You get to that point - and by this time it had been six weeks, and (I'd been) sitting around the house, not working, not getting any dates, where I was like "what's the point?"

Elise's shot to prominence last night comes after reports in April that the brunette beauty is a 'dark horse' on Ten's dating show.

Sources at the time told News Corp that Elise "is absolutely on his (Matty's) radar after an amazing date".

"Seeing Elyse and her dad today, and being able to witness first-hand how close they are, it really reminded me of how close I am with my Mum," Matty said during last night's episode.

"The more I think about it, Elyse and I are just so similar."

Elise and her dad, Phil, enjoy a group date with The Bachelor's Matty J.
Elise and her dad, Phil, enjoy a group date with The Bachelor's Matty J. Channel Ten

The light bulb moment came after Matty had a group date with Jen, Cobie, Elise and Simone. They were each reunited with a family member, and the group cooked lunch together.

That was the first time Matty and Elise had spent any real time together (apart from a brief moment where they went 'fishing' together during a cocktail party) - and it was Elise's dad Phil, who ended up making it happen.

"That is one sentence I would never have thought I would say in my life - that my dad is the ultimate wingman!" Elise said.

Elise is tight-lipped about how far she goes in the competition but says she was surprised with the way everything played out last night and that she is excited with what is to come.

"When he said 'Sorry I have overlooked you', that caught me by surprise," she said.

"I felt that he was very genuine. I was happy that he said, 'This is where my head's at' because it could so easily have gone the other way. He could have said, 'Nup, I'm not into it' [and that would have been the end of it.]

Elise Stacy and Matt J enjoy their first one-on-one date in Episode 9 of The Bachelor.
Elise Stacy and Matt J enjoy their first one-on-one date in Episode 9 of The Bachelor. News Corp

"I was so proud of my dad. I think I gave him a high five and said, 'Good on you!.'" Elise said. "Matty just needed a bit of a shake-up."

As for Phil, he is now Matty's biggest cheer squad, and the Bachelor now has his seal of approval.

"When I said I was going to do The Bachelor dad freaked out, but now he's his (Matty's) number one fan,' Elise said.

"He sent a text message on our family [text] thread, saying, 'Guys, we all have to get on this bus and go for it!'

"Now it's like, 'Matty, do you actually just want to hang out with Phil, or are you actually interested in me?'"

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