Hunter has been given a 33% chance of survival.
Hunter has been given a 33% chance of survival.

Baby rushed to hospital with 33% chance of survival

HUNTER is less than seven weeks old and is already fighting for life, with doctors giving him a 33% chance of surviving.

He was rushed to hospital from his hometown of Goondiwindi on Thursday after suffering from an unknown heart condition.

His condition only worsened and he was flown to Lady Cilento Hospital.

Hunter's parents, John Moorcroft and Sarah Davis, will likely have to wait weeks before they get an answer as to what's causing the issue.

And doctors have said he only has a 33% chance of survival.

Hunter's auntie Tracy Power said the family was hoping a viral infection was causing his heart muscles to weaken.

A viral infection may be curable, but if something else is the cause he may need a heart transplant.

In the meantime Hunter is in an intensive care unit.

Doctors are keeping him medicated so that he's pain free, as any movement can put strain on his heart.

Ms Power said he had "tubes coming out of everywhere".

She said Hunter was born completely healthy.

Understandable, the family is doing it tough.

"They're holding up well considering, I think you'd be a mess," Ms Power said.

"They've got two other children who they have to be strong for."

Ms Power said the Darling Downs town of Goondiwindi was rallying behind the family.

"We got a message today, that someone will drop something off to them.

"Everyone wants to help.

"We don't know how long he'll be in hospital for, he could be here for months on end.

"They're only thinking day by day."

She said Ms Davis could move into the Ronald McDonald House, a charity which helps the families of sick children.

The smiles of the doctors and nurses were really helpful, Ms Power said.

"The nurses and doctors and absolutely fantastic, we're very fortunate to have such caring doctors."

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