Will baby boy's death in child care go to inquest?

A BRISBANE coroner is investigating the tragic death of a baby boy after he was rushed to hospital from a Gympie child care centre late last month. 

A spokesman for the Office of the State Coroner said the cause of death was still unknown. 

"Until more information is known, no decision as to whether an inquest will be held can be made," the spokesman said.

An autopsy was completed last week.

Family friend Aleesha Harrison told the Gympie Times last week that the family was still deep in grief as they prepared for their child's funeral, but was "overwhelmed" by the support from the community.

Over $1000 has already been raised to help the family, who are still living in tents after a fire ravaged their home on June 18.

An account has been set up for anyone wishing to make donations to the family:

Account name: Charlie Bear Club

Account number: 158094086

BSB: 633-000

EARLIER: THE parents of a four-and-a-half-month-old baby who died while at a Gympie day care centre are now struggling to pay for their child's funeral, after their home was gutted by fire in June.

Family friends have opened an account for donations to the heartbroken family, and over $1000 has already been raised.

The four-and-a-half-month-old boy passed away in Gympie Hospital after Gympie Early Learning staff called 000 on the afternoon of Friday July 29.

Family friend Aleesha Harrison said the family was devastated by the tragedy, and had already been struggling after a fire destroyed the house they were living in on June 18.

The family is still living in tents on the property.

An outpouring of grief has social media awash with tributes for the child, the family and the child care centre. Scroll down to see just some of the messages.

The Early Learning Centre on Stanley St, formerly called the Day Care of Auz.
The Early Learning Centre on Stanley St, formerly called the Day Care of Auz. Contributed

Gympie Early Learning has shared its pain and sorrow for the family in a post to Facebook:

Tragically, on Friday afternoon the 29th of July, one of our children did not wake following their sleep.

The distress at losing one of our most precious beings has seen all involved inconsolable and grief stricken.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the parents and family, and we will be eternally grateful for respectful interactions at this time. We are assisting all authorities with the investigation.

We shall issue communication to all as facts come to light.

The centre is operating as usual this week, with extra staff on to help support the grieving community. 

An account has been set up for anyone wishing to make donations to the family:

Account name: Charlie Bear Club

Account number: 158094086

BSB: 633-000




EARLIER: Outpouring of grief for lost baby boy

GYMPIE is reeling after the tragic death of a four-and-a-half month old baby boy at a child care centre on Friday, which has left a young Mothar Mountain family devastated and seen an uprising of support for the family. 

The emergency, which unfolded at 3.30pm Friday at Gympie Early Learning, ended in the worst way possible at The Gympie Hospital after the baby was transported in a serious condition at 4pm and later passed away. 

The Gympie community has thrown their support behind the family with a swelling of messages on Facebook and family friend Aleesha Harrison is planning to set up a donation page for the family.

The community was also quick to give their support to the staff of the Stanley St child care centre, with parents of past and current children expressing their condolences, one mother saying there was "no one else I'd rather trust with my babies."

The cause of death is being investigated. 

Words of support for the family expressed on Facebook: 

Kirsty Ware: Heartbreaking! Those ladies at the centre do an absolutely amazing job and they treat them as if it's their own child. They made my lil girl feel like part of the family. All thoughts go to the family and all involved. X My lil girl has been there for a year and graduates this year but her lil brother will be attending in September for when my leave is up. No one else id rather trust with my babies!

Paige Mills: My little girl went there from 4 months old up till she was about 14 months the ladies in there are amazing im shocked :(

Katie McClelland: Breaks my heart to the young family going through this ordeal, not even 2 months ago they lost everything in a house fire now having to go through this is absolutely heart breaking x x rip little man.

Claire Fletcher: This is heartbreaking for all involved. I can't begin to imagine what this family is going through. Our children are so precious, I hope after thorough investigation there will be some answers as to how this could happen.

Michelle Barbeler: Our sincere condolences to this young family, and to all staff of the Daycare Centre concerned. This would be just so traumatic and devestating for all those connected to this little Child. RIP little one

Derek Snow: OMG - just tragic - our most sincere condolences to this Family, and to all Staff of the Daycare Centre concerned. This would be just so traumatic and devastating for all those connected to this little Child. RIP little one.

Aims Neville: There simply are no words. My heart breaks for the family. Let's hope they get some answers. Thoughts are with the staff of the child care center as well.

Jellina Penn How sad my thoughts are with the family, how tragic 😔 and also the staff at the centre who were the ones to make the call. RIP little man 😔

Amber Wri: As a mother of a 4 month old my heart is absolutely shattered I'm extremely heart broken.




EARLIER: Family's heartbreaking wait for answers on baby death

A YOUNG Mothar Mountain family has been left devastated after the tragic death of a four-and-a-month-old baby boy in a Gympie child care centre last Friday.

Gympie ambulance officers were called to the Day Care of Auz Child Care Centre in Stanley St just before 3.30pm.

Just before 4pm, the baby was transported to Gympie Hospital in "a serious condition". The baby died some time after being taken to hospital.

Family friend Aleesha Harrison said the baby's family was in shock after the tragedy.

"They're just devastated," she said.

She plans to set up a bank account to raise funds for the mourning family, who were already on hard times and had been living in tents since a fire destroyed their home on June 18.

The cause of death will become clearer after an autopsy is performed on the infant this morning.

A coroner will investigate the circumstances surrounding the boy's death.

Need help? 
Lifeline on 13 11 14 or online 24 hours a day at Lifeline.org.au

Acting Director of Nursing/Facility Manager at the Gympie Hospital, Nicole White, had this to say on the matter this morning:

"Our sincerest condolences go out to the family of this baby. This matter is before the coroner. We are unable to comment any further at this time."

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