REX airlines.
REX airlines.

Aviation shake-up to 'reverse toxic relationship'

THE Commonwealth Government's planned shake-up of aviation safety regulations has been welcomed by the chief of regional airline Rex as an opportunity to "reverse the toxic relationship" between the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the industry.

Neville Howell said airlines would hold the Federal Government to its word on implementing the changes without undue delay and hoped it would "move much faster than it has done in selecting the new CASA board members and CEO".

"Rex is pleased to see that the government has accepted 32 recommendations and has committed to further reviewing another four. Industry has suffered for far too long and we are happy to see the Abbott government taking firm action on this critical issue," he said.

"We note that the government has only agreed in principle with some key recommendations and we urge them to fulfil the full intent of the Aviation Safety Regulation Review report recommendations and not just pay lip service."

Among the recommendations was the reformation of CASA amid widespread concerns its current approach has resulted in the aviation industry actively avoiding engaging in contact with the body, commercial law firm Ashurst has stated in an industry alert.

The review also found CASA should delegate responsibility for day-to-day operational management to Airservices Australia, and change its regulatory philosophy to build a better relationship with airline operators.

"The government has been in office now for more than a year during which time the industry has been waiting for decisive action from the Minister," Mr Howell said.

"We do not have any more time to waste before the next election comes around again."

Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said the implementation of the recommendations would help build a more vibrant and co-operative industry.

"Active engagement between industry and aviation agencies will help inform future regulatory priorities and the development of simpler regulations, standards and orders," he said.


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