Ticker's view: Are we heading down the right path?

STRICTER concussion rules in the NRL could backfire, with players refusing to leave the field knowing they would not be able to return to the battle, according to Brisbane coach Wayne Bennett.

Bennett said the "warrior mentality" of the modern-day player would make him reluctant to leave the field knowing he could potentially let his teammates down.

"We've convinced (players) that it's in their best interests to come off and there's a good system in place. But they've got the warrior mentality, these guys, and you don't want them any other way," he said.

"That's the make-up of a good rugby league player.

"A warrior mentality is: 'I'm not going to let my teammates down. I'm going to stay'. That's what they were brought up on and it's changing and I'm happy with the change. But, at the same time, I don't want to make it a situation where it's really, really difficult for us as coaches and medical staff trying to get somebody off that knows he's going to get rubbed out straight away, as soon as he comes off the ground."

Bennett said it was time the NRL introduced independent doctors to make concussion calls when players suffered head traumas.

"If you bring an independent doctor in, there's no chance of a rort," he said.

Bennett said he had experienced a situation recently when prop Josh McGuire told he was right to go back but the doctor ruled him out.

"He was pretty angry. He wanted to play," he said.

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