Record numbers for Gromfest

GOOD luck to the locals ? with a record field of entries totalling 344 of Australia and the world's elite 16-and-under boy and girl surfers, this year's Rusty Gromfest is set to be the best ever.

Anticipating another great event, Rusty Gromfest competition director Max Perrot said: "All the sponsors and organising team are stoked with the advancements to be introduced this year.

"This year's depth of Australian surfing talent is awseome and we also will see some great performances from the New Zealand, Peruvian, Tahitian and Tongan surfers travelling to compete."

Now in its 11th year, the Rusty Gromfest is the original and most prestigious grommet surfing festival in the world, bringing together families from surfing communities from all over Australia with a focus on an enjoyable high quality surfing event.

The event begins tomorrow, July 7, but already the action on the beaches of the Far North Coast of NSW right through to the Gold Coast sees most of the Rusty Gromfest competitors enjoying the perfect winter days and honing their skills in the abundance of clean waves that are on offer at present.

It's the perfect time of year for the focus to be on these enthusiastic and talented young surfers who have become synonymous with the Australian coastal community lifestyle and for the families who have traveled to the region for the Rusty Gromfest, the weather and surf that has greeted them is ideal.

Apart from the outstanding field confirmed for the event, this year's Rusty Gromfest will incorporate dual-banked computer scoring systems provided by Surfing Australia along with an experienced, profes- sional commentary team to both inform the spectators and educate the young surfers in high level competition.

Friday through to Monday, July 10, (with July 11 as an emergency back-up day) will be four days of incredible surfing action on the excellent beachbreaks at Lennox Head.

To highlight the quality of this year's field, here's a list of the number one seeds across all divisions: 16 Boys Chris Friend; 16 Girls Sally Fitzgibbons; 14 Boys Jake Sylvester; 14 Girls Philippa Anderson; 12 Boys Matt Banting; and 12 Girls Tyler Wright.

Sally Fitzgibbon is from the Gerroa on the South Coast of NSW.

She is a previous winner at this event, and represented Australia at the ISA World Junior Championships in Brazil, coming second in the girls' division.

Talent scouts from industry and management groups often use the Rusty Gromfest to eyeball all the emerging talent.

Jump on the net and check out the depth of the field confirmed in the official heat draw which is now available at: and also on the events official website at:

The format is also on the net ? all information relating to the social night and pics from the event daily.

Le-Ba Boardriders

June Round results: Opens: 1 Marcus Aboody, 2 James Wood, 3 Mark Hernage, 4 Stuart Kennedy; Juniors: 1 Luke Streader, 2 Kyle Windsor, 3 Ben Lowe, 4 Blake Gilmore; Seniors: 1 Steve Kearney, 2 Hamish McKenzie, 3 Tony O'Brien, 4 Bryce Davidson; Masters: 1 Max Perrot, 2 Steve Bergan, 3 Tony O'Brien, 4 Paul Snellgrove; Cadets: 1 Tanyn Lyndon, 2 Sean Ormsby, 3 Tom Snellgrove, 4 Angus Steeles; Groms: 1 Luke Chandler, 2 Abe Goldsmith, 3 Tom Gordon, 4 Tom Snellgrove; Fleas: 1 Jackson Cochjrane, 2 Jesse Verhage, 3 Zac Wightman, 4 Rhys Tatum.

July Round Results: Opens: 1 Daniel Emery, 2 Stuart Kennedy, 3 Marcus Aboody, 4 Alex Cooney; Masters: 1 Max Perrot, 2 Steve Bergan, 3 Steve Brooke, 4 Paul Snellgrove; Seniors: 1 Jason Flanagan, 2 Craig Strong, 3 Matt Bryce, 4 Steve Brooke; Juniors: 1 Kyle Windsor, 2 Nolan Coopaer, 3 Luke streader, 4 Blake Gilmore; Cadets: 1 Sean Ormsby, 2 Shannon Mackie, 3 Tanyn Lyndon, 4 Mitch Adams; Open Womens: 1 Lyla Wright, 2 Kamley Lyndon; Groms: Zac Russell, 2 Luke Chandler, 3 Angus Steeles, 4 Tom Snellgrove; Fleas: 1 Jackson Cochrane, 2 Jake Snellgrove, 3 Jack Harris, 4 Zac Wightman.

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