MasterChef Australia judge Andy Allen. Picture: Channel 10
MasterChef Australia judge Andy Allen. Picture: Channel 10

Andy Allen: How I’m surviving isolation

Fans in isolation are flocking to the feel-good vibes of Channel 10's MasterChef, but what do that show's judges do in their downtime?

Hibernation checked in with former winner Andy Allen.

MasterChef judge and former winner Andy Allen. Picture: Channel 10
MasterChef judge and former winner Andy Allen. Picture: Channel 10



I'm still working every day filming MasterChef at the moment but when I'm home, I'm baking sourdough bread because I got a great recipe from Jock Zonfrillo. I've also been making bulk curries for myself and my partner because the season is almost upon us and the cool nights in Melbourne are just asking for punchy, flavour-filled curries. I've also been doing a fair bit of pickles and ferments DIY style - in jars - at my house. Then I've been sharing the recipes and pictures on my Instagram & Facebook; people are loving it, sharing with me their attempts etc ... it's so awesome to see. My latest one is pickled habanero & pineapples.



OK so I'm still reading When Giants Walk The Earth. It's the Led Zeppelin biography - and the funny thing is I've been reading it for the last two years! It's probably 1000 pages long so don't judge me! The type is tiny and the words take up the whole page. Good luck me trying to read anything else! BUT, it needs to be said that when I do pick it up I always love jumping back in to the stories about that amazing band.



I'm listening to a bit of a mixed bag at the moment - when I'm driving into the MasterChef set or working out, I've been getting back into some old Daft Punk (Forever n Eva), and then while cooking at home I've been rotating vinyl from Talking Heads - their 1983 album Speaking in Tongues got a run the last couple of days. I'm not really a podcast guy, I love music so will always try to find some tunes to fit the mood. Springsteen gets a good run at my house too, so does Midnight Oil.



So glad you asked! At the moment I'm enthralled with the new Michael Jordan doco series on Netflix. I'm a huge basketball fan and played it religiously and representatively when I was young, but I was just a little too young to have lived through the Jordan era, to see him play. So this doco is blowing my mind as it shares stories and shows clips from the start of MJ's career in the mid '80s through to the late '90s with the Chicago Bulls. I am in sheer awe of the guy, and it just makes me want to go play basketball again!

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