Aron Baynes froze.
Aron Baynes froze.

USA roasts Aussie’s ‘Forrest Gump’ blooper

ON a night when the Celtics were thoroughly outplayed by the Cavaliers in Cleveland, Aussie Aron Baynes' rugged defensive muscle was one of the rare highlights for Boston.

Unfortunately for the 31-year-old, nobody seems to care that Boston's points differential was just -1 with him on the court as Cleveland levelled the Eastern Conference Finals series 2-2 with a convincing 111-102 win.

All America cares about is the moment the former San Antonio NBA championship winner froze in the headlights in hilarious fashion.

Baynes had a 'Forrest Gump' moment in the fourth quarter where he found himself with the ball alone in the key with nobody between him and the hoop - and he choked.

Down by eight with the game still in the balance, Baynes hustled for an offensive board, but only managed to get a hand touch to it as it pinballed its way through several hands and into the gloves of Celtics star Jaylen Brown on the perimeter.

As three Cavaliers defenders all rushed to Brown he was able to pop the ball over the top to Baynes alone in the paint with his back to the rim.

Aron Baynes does know where the hoop is.
Aron Baynes does know where the hoop is.

Clearly, the Aussie star's bearings were a tad askew as he refused to spin to the bucket.

Instead he looked back at Brown and teammate Al Horford completely devoid of any notion of driving to the bucket.

The split-second moment, must have played out in Baynes' head in slow motion as Horford was eventually forced to scream at Baynes to go to the rim - even pointing Baynes to the hoop.

To make matters worse for Baynes, his teammates gave him up as well, confirming Baynes' frozen moment as one of the season's best Keystone Cop absurdities.

Celtics players on the bench Jayson Tatum and Guerschon Yabusele actually locked arms and jumped up and down, screaming for Baynes to wake up and step to the hoop.

After Hordford's pointing eventually sunk in, Baynes awoke from his slumber and tried to spin to the lane, only to be fouled by Kyle Korver while in the act of shooting.

He did actually hit one of his two free-throws but again, nobody seems to be remembering any possible fact which might spare Baynes some blushes.

Instead, America's sports commentators came for him mercilessly - more than one labelling it a 'Forrest Gump' moment - referring to the scene in the film actor Tom Hanks begins running straight to the sidelines while returning a punt before the entire team and coaching staff on the sidelines wave him back towards the end zone.

Sorry, Aron, but the people have spoken.
















To make matters worse, Baynes unfortunate brain fart came as Philadelphia star Joel Embiid took to Twitter to take a pot shot at the man that shit him down in their eastern conference playoffs series encounter.


Settle down Jo.
Settle down Jo.

Baynes blocked an Embiid shot in a critical moment of the final game of the series - which was later ruled to have been a foul by the NBA match review - and clearly the Sixers giant star hasn't forgotten or forgiven.

Ben Simmons' teammate tweeted Baynes was just in the NBA to "get dunked on" after regularly proving to be the Celtics last line of defence at the bucket against the Cavs, without much blocking success.

The Tweet had more than 38,000 likes in the first three hours.


Baynes started on the bench as Boston coach Brad Stevens stuck by his outgunned game three starting five, and the move backfired as the Cavs shot out to a 34-18 lead.

Baynes finished the game with eight points and seven rebounds in 16 minutes.

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