America furious over fitness bike ad


America has ripped into a creepy 30-second commercial for a $3800 stationary fitness bike called the Peloton.

In the advertisement, a husband surprises his wife with the exercise equipment, followed by an montage of the woman training on the bike for a year.

Meanwhile, Tal Buchman's hit She's So High rings in the background while she trains.

"I didn't realise how much this would change me," are the wife's closing comments, as she smiles at her husband.

Reaction to the ad has been overwhelmingly negative - the commercial has become meme fodder, and despite being released in November, a variety of parodies are going viral.


One of the most prominent criticisms for the commercial was regarding the husband's choice of Christmas gift. It's blatantly clear why no husband should ever purchase exercise equipment for their significant other, especially during the holidays.

Comedian Eva Victor created a parody detailing exactly why that's the case.






Another notable condemnation was the depiction of "Peloton wife" in the commercial as extremely thin before she started the training. Unrealistic body images has been a widely criticised aspect of contemporary advertising, and the actress depicted is already "rail thin" before receiving the gift.




However, The Female Quotient CEO Shelley Zalis argued the backlash is unwarranted.

"There was no language that said it's because she needs to lose weight or diet. There's a hypersensitivity around that," Zalis said during an interview with NBC.

"Not all men are jerks."



The "Peloton wife" also has an obsession with filming every step of her exercise regime, spurring some viewers to compare the advertisement to popular Netflix series Black Mirror, a show popular for predicting dystopian realities in the near-future.




The social media outrage came to a head on Tuesday, and Peloton stock dropped nine per cent in the following 24 hours.

Despite rumours the ad will be taken down, Peloton does not believe that any stock movement was directly related to the Christmas advertisement.

Comments have been disabled from the advertisement's YouTube video since the backlash.

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