David and Corinne's leisurely start came back to haunt them.
David and Corinne's leisurely start came back to haunt them. Andrew Watson

All aboard Captain Jack's sinking ship

DAVID and Corinne's Love Boat theme turned into more of a Titanic disaster on My Kitchen Rules last night.

The Cairns couple failed to live up to expectations after talking themselves up at Wednesday's first instant restaurant for the second group of teams.

Their Quarter Deck instant restaurant had a beautiful waterfront setting but the other teams arrived to find half the chairs missing from the table.

The guests also seemed less than impressed with Felix being crowned the "party captain" and being given the job of serving drinks.

David's cruisy attitude at the beginning of the night would come back to haunt him, with the bank manager deciding to bake his own bread and make his own butter rather than focus on the preparation of their main dish.

Their entree was only two layers, less of a stack and more of a creamy duo of crayfish and avocado.

"You've cooked the crayfish very well," said Manu Feildel.

"It's not like you've done anything wrong with it, it's that you haven't done enough with it. A stack is different layers; you need to get some texture in there."

David's mantra of "the pasta only takes three minutes to cook" didn't take into account the time needed to make and rest the pasta dough.

The judges and guests were less than impressed with the sticky angel hair pasta with mud crab after it took more than two hours to come out.

"Because we were waiting a long time I was expecting something sensational; you disappointed," said Pete Evans.

"I think the crab was beautiful. I think you cooked that well. I would have loved to have had twice as much - a lot of pasta, not a lot of crab."

Feildel added: "Unfortunately I think you shot yourself in the foot by wanting to impress us by making bread and spending all that time making bread when you should have spent all that time making pasta dough."

So despite using two premium types of seafood in two of their courses, the couple failed to make either shine.

They were praised for cooking the seafood well, with Corinne living up to her reputation as the "queen of seafood", but they fell down with the other elements on the plate.

The dramas in the kitchen continued to the end of the night, with David miscalculating the ratios of the passion fruit syrup for their dessert and having to rummage for some more fruit in their front garden.

While they were hoping for a fairy tale ending to beat Uel and Shannelle's score of 53, it wasn't happily ever after.

"It's very sweet; very, very sweet," said Feildel.

"Yes dessert is supposed to be sweet but there's still balance to find between acidity and sweetness."

Evans said he would have liked some tropical fruit to balance the sweetness of the meringue and syrup.

After a less than average evening which failed to "wow", the Cairns couple now sits at the bottom of the leader board for group two with four teams still to cook.

Cooking tonight are young Tassie university students Thalia and Bianca.



Entrée: Far North Queensland crayfish stack with lime mayonnaise

Main: Mud Crab angel hair pasta

Dessert: Tropical Eton Mess with spun sugar

Score: 46/100

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