WATCH OUT: This eastern brown snake was found in a Toowoomba back yard at the weekend.
WATCH OUT: This eastern brown snake was found in a Toowoomba back yard at the weekend. Contributed

Aggressive brown snakes on move across Darling Downs

BROWN snakes are on the move across the Darling Downs with a Toowoomba reptile handler urging people to be vigilant.

Dave Wiedman has removed five brown snakes from properties in the past seven days including from a primary school and Borneo Barracks as the weather warms up the cold-blooded reptiles.

He said the highly venomous brown snakes were typically more aggressive than other breeds, making removal difficult and posing greater dangers for unwary residents.

"The more it heats up, the more the browns (snakes) come out as they're looking for a mate and a feed," he said.
"They're actively hunting food now.

"They are more aggressive, are a lot more aggressive and are a lot quicker than other snakes, especially when they are fully warm.

"They can be any colour and if there is food at your place, they will hang around."

Mr Weidman said he had experienced an influx in calls to remove brown snakes in particular, including from under an air-conditioning unit at Bunkers Hill State School and the tennis courts at the University of Southern Queensland.

He also removed a brown snake from a garage in Torrington, the Borneo Barracks and backyards at Highfields and Oakey.

He said all snakes would typically avoid people unless it felt threatened and urged people to be vigilant and call a reptile handler if one was spotted.

"Don't try and catch it or kill it because that is when you'll be bitten," he said.

"It's illegal to kill any reptiles in Queensland."

"If you do see a snake in the yard, keep your dogs locked up because a snake will not actively hunt a dog or a cat because they are generally too big for them to eat."

He said if it was inside a room in a house, the resident should try to block the doorway to prevent it from escaping until a handler could arrive to remove it.

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