Surprise catch: this bull shark was released after it was caught on a fishing line off a tinnie.
Surprise catch: this bull shark was released after it was caught on a fishing line off a tinnie.

''Adrenaline rush': five foot bull shark caught off tinnie

THERE are calls for warning signs to be installed on the Richmond River after a bull shark was caught off a tinnie at Pimlico on Saturday.

The five foot bull shark was caught off a drum line dropped at a popular water skiing spot about 5km up the river, south of Ballina.

Former vet nurse Naomie Jenkins said she and family were having lunch when the surprise catch was made.

The fish was snapped for Instagram before quickly being released into the water, with the short encounter an "adrenaline rush" for everyone onshore.

"I have a moral issue that I have set a five foot shark free which is probably going to get bigger and might attack someone," Ms Jenkins said.

"We had no intention of feeding a family with it, so of course we releases it and we would never kill it as a trophy.

"But If I needed to feed the family with it I would.

"It'd be no different if I had caught some brim, flathead, or cooked up a big jewy."

Ms Jenkins called on the NSW Government to install warning signs, saying it was common knowledge to fishers there were high numbers of bull sharks in the river around Pimilco and its surrounding areas.

"A lot of the people water skiing, especially the tourists, may not be aware of the number of bull sharks in the water,"  Ms Jenkins said.  

"And these are bull sharks - they are a predator renowned for aggression.  

"This was a small one too, on Christmas Day the boys caught a ten foot bull shark.  

"We swim in their territory and I would be horrified if someone lost a limb just because the public wasn't made aware.  

"There's nothing preventing them coming up the river mouth and they're probably breeding up in the rivers.

"I want the public to be more aware, it's not a freakish encounter, It's a common occurrence, scarily enough.

"People water skiing are unaware of what lurks beneath."

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