The culprit by the Christmas tree
The culprit by the Christmas tree Susanna Freymark

A one-armed editor taken down by a blue heeler pup

MY ARM is in a cast with a fractured elbow. For one month I have to be contained in a coloured fibreglass mould.

There are advantages and disadvantages to having a broken arm (or elbow).

Disadvantage: Everyone asks how you did it. When you tell them your blue heeler pup knocked you over, they tell a similar story about how the same thing happened to their Gran and she broke her leg/wrist/both arms.

Advantage: I can make up a more exciting story like - I did it snowboarding. Or mountain climbing.

Disadvantage: Friends have to chop up my food.

Advantage: The villagers have been bringing care packages of casseroles and bottles of red wine.

Disadvantage: I can't do up my bra and consider asking my 19-year-old son, who is home from university, to help me.

Advantage: I push through the pain and decide to do it myself. This is easier than my son avoiding eye contact with me for the rest of the holidays.

Disadvantage: Household chores like sweeping take much longer.

Advantage: I tell my son the doctor said I shouldn't wash up.

Disadvantage: Taking photos, typing and writing reporter notes are difficult and slow.

Advantage: It would be cruel for RREE readers to complain about any mistakes in this week's paper. I have a temporary Get Out of Jail Free card.

Disadvantage: I can't swim with the cast on.

Advantage: When it does come off and I have my first un-casted swim in the ocean, I shall be very, very, very grateful.

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Watch Breath with Simon Baker and LeBa

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See Mamma Mia first with the girls

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