A comedic toast at the Ballina RSL

STAND-UP veteran Adam Rozenbachs has been touted as one of Australian's funniest and most consistent performers.

We asked him a couple of questions to get to know the comedian in the wake of his Ballina gig.

Comedian Adam Rozebachs
Comedian Adam Rozebachs

Are you bringing your latest show Breaking Booze to Ballina?

I'm not bringing the full show, no. But the highlights will definitely get a run.

The worst thing about being sober was the boredom.

Drunk people, and that includes me now that I'm back on it, are idiots after 11pm, and it's impossible to hang out with them, unless you're drunk too. Then it's awesome.

You were a nominee for Cleo Bachelor of the Year in 2009. Did the experience give you any new skills/life insights to promote world peace?

The only experience it taught me was that there are a lot hotter men than me around who are quite happy to be photographed without their shirts on.

They took pics of me without my shirt on and didn't print them… point taken.

Tell us something about you that isn't funny but will get people to go see your show.

I cheated death. But you'll have to come to the show to find out how.

Adam will be joined by support act Nick Penn and MC Mandy Nolan today at the Ballina RSL's monthly cult comedy night, The Big Gig from 8pm.

Free gig.

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