Robbers find backpack with $13,500 cash inside cold room

A COLD room is not where you'd expect $13,500 to be stashed. But Hervey Bay Magistrate Court has heard that exact circumstance was at the centre of a recent theft.

And it doesn't end there...

Defence lawyer John Milburn acknowledged Mahlie Dhungamuddawidija Thanba and an accomplice, Timmothy John Clubb, broke into Hervey Bay's Viper nightclub on January 19 at 1.20am.

He however argued the pair's intentions were to steal liquor up until the moment they entered a fridge at the rear of property and found, not only six bottles of Jagermeister, but a backpack.

Inside the backpack was $13,500 which the pair decided couldn't be passed up - and it's after taking that bag the magnitude of theft increased sizably.

"Mr Thanba doesn't want to get into any more trouble," Mr Milburn told the judge, before claiming his client realised he'd gotten in over his head soon after taking the bag.

The court heard an anonymous person returned $12,235 to the business after the crime took place, while the remaining will be paid back as per court orders.

"Well young man, you've got a talent - use it. Don't get in company (with the wrong people)," Magistrate Graeme Tatnell told Mr Thanba when sentencing.

He was fined $650 for traffic crimes, disqualified from driving for five months and fined $350 for not going to a drug deterrence class, which were part of unrelated crimes.

He was also given a year's probation and ordered to pay $652 for the Viper Nightclub theft, which including trespassing offences.

His lawyer told the court his client had been an indigenous dancer his whole life and would soon be going to Mornington Island to join a family member's dance troupe.

Timmothy John Clubb was remanded in custody at a previous hearing and will again face court at a later date.

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