WATCH: Woman escapes after shock collision into truck

TRUCKIE Mark Knotter was shocked but relieved when a 25-year-old woman whose 4WD was totalled in a crash with his truck walked away with her life.

In dash cam footage of the crash, a 4WD can be seen speeding up and slowing down through the roadworks at Nudgee before drifting into Mark's lane near the Brisbane Entertainment Centre exit.

But the shocking part was, after crashing into the bob-tailed truck in which Mark was returning from a run down to Melbourne, the woman sped up and drove away.

However, Mark, a driver of 27 years, met up with her at the Sandgate exit.

"She got out of that car like nothing fazed her, she wasn't shaken at all, she wasn't on drugs, all she wanted to do was to get out of that area in a hurry," Mark said.

He said she tried to blame him for the crash, but when he told her he had dash cam footage, she changed her story and admitted she'd been on her phone.

 "She just wasn't fazed at all, I would have been after being slammed by a truck like that," he said.

"(She and her passenger were) very lucky to be alive and that I was coming home bobtail and not with a full load and trailer behind me."

Mark's message to drivers was to "stay off the phone".

The experienced truckie said the incident wasn't the first time he had come up against dangerous drivers. 

 As someone who believes truckies often get the blame on the road, he keeps his dashcam on at all times.

Mark shared two recent incidents, both of vehicles trying to overtake him and nearly crashing into oncoming traffic.

"I just download every video for when we're getting hammered by the coppers, hammered by the public, to show what really happens on our roads," he said.

One video shows a 4WD in the right-hand lane overtaking the cars in front, narrowly avoiding a collision with a car coming the opposite way.

"The car coming the other way had to get off the road so the car in the right-hand lane didn't it up," Mark said.

The other video shows a caravanner also try to overtake Mark's truck.

"(The driver) left the run a little bit late and nearly got cleaned up by a stock crate coming through the other way through a corner," he said.

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