Resurrection brings loved ones back from the dead

WHAT if a long-lost, and presumed dead, loved one suddenly walked back into your life?

That's the premise for the new American series Resurrection, which debuts on Channel 7 next week.

The drama follows the mysterious appearance of eight-year-old Jacob in a remote rice patty in rural China.

"Is she dead?" are the first words the bewildered child utters to the local farmers before he faints.

While he refuses to talk to authorities during his travels back to the US, Jacob manages to lead immigration agent Martin Bellamy (House star Omar Epps) back to his home town of Acardia, Missouri, in the American Midwest.

There he is reunited with his understandably stunned parents, 32 years after he was believed to have drowned in a nearby river.

Resurrection's debut attracted 13.3 million viewers in the US, making it the most-watched show of the night.

So, is this a case of time travel, some sort of miracle or the return of the dead?

"The answers aren't the important part," executive producer Aaron Zelman told America's TV Guide magazine.

"Once the audience figures it out, the show's over. I can promise that the mystery will be handled in a satisfying way."

There have been early comparisons to the critically acclaimed Sundance series The Returned, which originally aired in France, but it's important to note that while the two shows have similar premises, they're not related.

The Returned was based on the French movie They Came Back, while Resurrection is based on Jason Mott's bestselling 2013 novel, confusingly also named The Returned.

Frances Fisher, who plays Jacob's mum Lucille, told TV Guide she was "moved" by the show's script, which covers the themes of life, death and faith.

"I was so moved by the idea of being able to have contact again with a lost loved one," she said.

Resurrection is Omar Epps's first TV series since his long run on the medical drama House opposite Hugh Laurie.

Epps's character, Agent Martin Bellamy, looks set to play a central role in investigating the mystery of Jacob's perplexing return.

Child actor Landon Gimenez makes his TV debut as Jacob, having only previous acted in one short film.

The Houston native spent much of the first three years of his life in hospital because of a rare genetic disease, but by the age of five had regained his health and began competing in gymnastics.

The young performer, who is also a member of The Missouri City Ballet, even has an Aussie connection.

His older brother Ryland Gimenez played rugby league for the Ipswich Swifts club last year before returning to the US.


Resurrection - Seven - Tuesday at 8.45pm

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