1D's Louis Tomlinson supports gay Apple CEO Tim Cook

DAYS after Harry Styles' comment about gender and sexuality became a viral talking point, his bandmate Louis Tomlinson showed his support for the recently out Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Cook publicly addressed his sexuality for the first time in a moving open letter, published by Bloomberg Businessweek at the end of October.

In it, he declared himself "proud to be gay" and considers being gay "among the greatest gifts" God had given him.

His admission was mostly met positively, though not in Russia, where a memorial tribute to late Apple founder Steve Jobs was torn down in St. Petersburg because of the country's strict anti-gay laws.

But at least Cook had the 22-year-old singer on side, who wore a T-shirt bearing a rainbow Apple icon to the X Factor studio.


His statement comes after a trying week for One Direction fans left perplexed by Styles' answer to one question during an interview with ODE.

Asked the age-old question of what they look for in a girl, Payne answered: "Female, it's a good trait."

To which Styles replied: "Not that important."

Far from negative - and aside from the odd weeping post on Twitter - the fan's reaction to Styles' comments have thus far been supportive.

A number of Directioners have since collaborated to form 'Rainbow Direction' - a social media group where fans can ask questions about Styles and LGBT issues without judgement.

Many Directioners have also affixed the rainbow badge to their social media profiles to pledge their support to the band, and any fans who might be struggling with their own sexuality.

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