OUR fantastic plastic is just about to get a whole lot smarter.

From September 1 a new $5 note was put into circulation across the country. Although we couldn't find any on the streets of the Fraser Coast you should be able to receive one in your change in the coming weeks.

"The new $5 banknote has a range of security features that have not previously been used on an Australian banknote and that will help to keep our banknotes secure against counterfeiting into the future," the Reserve Bank of Australia's governor, Glenn Stevens said.

The $5 banknote is the first in a new series and other denominations are expected to be upgraded over the coming years.

Each banknote in the series will incorporate the same security features.

"Additionally, they will each feature a different species of Australian wattle and a native bird within a number of distinctive elements," he said.

Gov Stevens said there was no need to stress about not recognising the new notes as the key design of the existing banknotes, such as the colour, size and people portrayed on each denomination, are all the same.

The existing $5 banknote will be progressively withdrawn from circulation but can continue to be used as usual.

The new $5 note.
The new $5 note. Tony Martin

Here's ten fascinating facts about the new $5 note.

  1. World-first clear top-to-bottom window
  2. Includes a tactile feature to assist people with a vision impairment which is one raised bump on each of the long edges of the banknote next to the top-to-bottom window.
  3. Tilt the banknote to see a rolling colour effect, which is visible on both sides of the banknote.
  4. Features the prickly moses wattle and the eastern spinebill
  5. Look for an eastern spinebill that fluoresces under UV light.
  6. Look for multiple security features in the clear top-to-bottom window.
  7. Tilt the banknote to see the eastern spinebill move its wings and change colour.
  8. Tilt the banknote to see the number five change direction within the Federation Pavilion.
  9. Look for a 3D Federation Star in a small clear window.
  10. The Queen's portrait is based on photographs commissioned by the Reserve Bank in 1984.

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