Taranganba house where a number of people overdosed on drugs.
Taranganba house where a number of people overdosed on drugs. Allan Reinikka ROK130617adrugs2

1 in intensive care, 9 charged in Yeppoon overdose shock

WHEN police found a 14-year-old boy lying unresponsive on the front lawn of a Daffcroft St home on Tuesday morning, they struggled to find a pulse.

An ambulance was called and the boy was rushed to Rockhampton Hospital, where he remains in the intensive care unit.

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Police today charged the young teen with one count of allegedly possessing a restricted drug and with the alleged assault of an ambulance officer after he allegedly punched the officer in the face twice while being treated.

Detective Sergeant Craig Strohfeldt of Yeppoon CIB said if police and ambulance crews hadn't come across the boy and subsequently the scene of an alleged mass drug overdose in Taranganba around 2.30am that day, police would most likely be investigating at least one death.

As Yeppoon detectives near the end of their investigation into the alarming incident which saw nine teens aged between 14-18 hospitalised after allegedly overdosing on drugs, Det Sgt Strohfeldt revealed just what the youths ingested, where they got the drugs and how the night unfolded.

Det Sgt Strohfeldt said six juveniles and three adults had been interviewed and have all been charged with various offences, the majority being drug offences, after 11 teenagers ingested a deadly combination of alcohol and prescription drugs - including Valium (Diazepam) and one other drug.

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"We know what they've taken and there was two prescription drugs. One is an S4 drugs and the other is classed as a dangerous drug under our drug schedule. One was Valium," Det Sgt Strohfeldt said.

"The adult that has been charged with the most charges was the occupant of the house and his grandparents who own the house were away. He decided to invite some people over and subsequently they got access to the grandparents prescription medication that was left at the house and went from there.

"From what we've been told he gave out some of the drugs to them and further people showed up and it went on from there. It wasn't an organised thing.

"It won't be very nice for the grandparents. The house was in a pretty ordinary state when we got there; very grubby."

Det Sgt Strohfeldt said in all of his years in the region, he had never come across an incident like this before and the near death of the 14-year-old boy was very alarming.

"I have been here for a fair while and I've never had anything like this. We have had overdoses on other drugs with adults but I've never had kids taking prescription drugs," he said.

"Taking any drug, especially prescription drugs, you don't know what it is and it's not a good thing.

"When the 14-year-old boy was located that morning, you can probably say that if police hadn't got there he would have died.

"They were flat out finding a pulse on him. He is only a tiny little whippet kid and if the ambos didn't get to him we would have been investigating a death.

"He is in a bad enough condition for them to put him in the intensive care unit yesterday.

"Everyone else is out of hospital."

Sadly, Det Sgt Strohfeldt said most of the teenagers allegedly involved were well known to police.

"There were three or four kids there that are very well known to us and that is where the problem lies," he said.

"Of the kids that were there, some of them were still at school, but they had either been suspended or had been excluded from school."

Overall, police have handed down 15 charges including:

  • 1 x serious assault
  • 2 x supply restricted drug
  • 2 x possess dangerous drug (as some prescription drugs are classed as dangerous drugs)
  • 10 x possess restricted drug

Det Sgt Strohfeldt said police had dealt with nine of the 11 people allegedly involved and were still trying to locate a juvenile and adult.

He said more charges, including an assault charge related to an incident at the Rockhampton Hospital yesterday, were expected to be laid in coming days.

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