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Move my business to the Gold Coast? No way.

Story Published: 7 Jan 2014

KAPTEN Boats and Collars owner Pat Jones has resisted temptation to move his business to the Gold Coast, choosing to...

Encounter with gay 'God botherer' led to Rudd's change

Story Published: 21 May 2013

UPDATE: Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has denied his change of heart on gay marriage related to any...

Brain cancer claims crash twins’ father Michael Hornby

Story Published: 29 Jan 2014

MICHAEL Hornby, who campaigned tirelessly for improved road safety after the death of his twin five-year-old girls, has...

Mum made a $2m mistake: son

Story Published: 11 Mar 2012

UPDATE: The son of a Sunshine Coast woman accused of stealing $2 million from Centrelink says his mother...

The journey of a Firebird

Story Published: 15 Nov 2011

LAURA GEITZ knows just how hard it is to springboard from the regional scene into the national spotlight.

Nine-year-old killed in car crash farewelled at Nambour

Story Published: 1 Nov 2013

THE nine-year-old Nambour boy killed in a crash near Gladstone has been farewelled at Nambour's Flametree Church.

Church community tries to comprehend tragic loss of boy

Story Published: 9 Oct 2013

A NINE-year-old Nambour boy has died after being flung 18m from a car during a crash near Gladstone early on Tuesday...

Six police swoop on preachers to make CBD arrest

Story Published: 18 Sep 2013

THREE men have been excluded from Nambour’s town centre after they were arrested while trying to preach on a street...

Mum leaves kids in car, disappears

Story Published: 28 Jul 2011

A MOTHER who went missing in Nambour last night is believed to be in a 1996 Blue Mitsubishi Lancer Coupe with registration...

Policeman's thumb bitten to the bone in violent scuffle

Story Published: 11 Jun 2013

A COAST policeman has had his thumb gnawed to the bone and another had his arm bitten in a scuffle with a man at...


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