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Parko press conference

Video Published: 19 Dec 2012

Joel Parkinson talks to the press after returning to Gold Coast airport a world champion surfer.

April airport traffic up by 20,000

Story Published: 31 May 2012

GOLD Coast Airport has recorded an increase in passenger numbers with an extra 20,000 travellers passing through the doors...

Feds ask airport-goers to watch

Story Published: 8 Aug 2012

AUSTRALIAN Federal Police have launched a new initiative at Gold Coast Airport, designed to make passengers the eyes and...

Boeing 737 aquaplanes across Gold Coast runway on landing

Story Published: 6 Feb 2013

A VIRGIN Australia flight aquaplaned towards the edge of the runway on touchdown at Gold Coast Airport last Monday night...

NZ man busted for part in attempted cocaine import

Story Published: 15 Jan 2013

THE lure of a $100,000 reward for importing 4.1kg of cocaine into Australia through Gold Coast Airport was too much for...

Man charged for trafficking date rape drug at Cooly Airport

Story Published: 8 Oct 2013

RABEE Karanouh, 36, will appear in Southport Court on October 18 after was arrested at Gold Coast Airport with four litres...

Commonwealth Games gets a Countdown Clock

Story Published: 10 Jan 2014

THE Gold Coast Airport today unveiled their latest attraction with the city’s second ‘Countdown Clock’ for the Gold Coast...

Cooly plane incident: Pilot decided to land in high wind

Story Published: 4 Nov 2013

A REPORT into a near-catastrophic crash at Gold Coast Airport which was released sevem months late has highlighted a...

Fog delays Gold Coast flights

Story Published: 10 Jul 2012

AIRCRAFT are lining up at the Gold Coast Airport with delays still being experienced after the postponement of flights to...

Tiger adds more cheap flights

Story Published: 11 Jan 2012

A DISCOUNT airline is offering airfares below $50 between the Gold Coast and Melbourne.


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