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"Whether you live in Nimbin or not, this fire has come as a shock to many people who enjoy the unique..."

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" Sci experience survey monkey...see email from Erin for link Did philo. To do Kiara,done will..."

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"How do the members of the police association feel about being sent into this operation which has had..."

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"Regulations don't mean much to gas companies. AGL has operated outside regulations in its Camden gas..."

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"We are protesting specifically about the gasfield industrialisation of our region, and its undesirable..."

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"I have observed Richmond Valley council's actions over the last few years and they are not neutral..."

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"Mr wilkinson neglects to mention any infrastructure apart from gas wells. There would still be noisy..."

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"These so called pro gas sign painters are nothing to worry about. They are such a tiny minority. I bet..."

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"You pro gas posters are getting boring. You are in the minority, and obviously have something to gain..."

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"No need to be concerned. The protestor in the picture is a gentle genuine person known to many of us."

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