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"Who cares? Oh about 4.5 million australians who tuned in on Wednesday night..... They should..."

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"Maxwell what is a Swan V Cat? AFL hasn't got anything that remotely matches what we saw last night. ..."

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"Ha! Who's paying for this 'correct remuneration'. Centrelink Park may be an apt description after..."

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"I think the real pollution issue that has thus far been overlooked is that John Butler Trio were..."

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"Surely this headline should have read Good Looking Japanese Farmers Trade Deal For Free"

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"Whilst this policy is good it discriminates against those who don't have grannies"

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"All The Dogs is paying $4.30 and None Of The People is coming off a strong win at Border Park so I..."

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"Aaron, who do you like in the third at Wenty Park tomorrow"

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"Aint it funny how each Olympian thinks their chosen sport is the one most deserving of funding and..."

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"The fathers of these protestors should have had a heart and pulled out as well"

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