23 December - 20 January

Your dreams are vivid, and there may be some psychic experiences that will help you come to a conclusion over a problem. Your sense of identity is not that strong today so you need to identify what's undermining it. Try to have a quiet talk with someone you trust that will help. The law of karma is strongly making itself felt in your life and of course, this means that what has previously been given will be returned in a greater measure now either good or bad.


21 January - 19 February

You can resolve relationship problems and which will make you feel much steadier now. You may be upset at the lack of respect your partner is displaying especially over financial matters. Continue to keep the lines of communication open. You may feel uncomfortable when put on the spot to prove your knowledge and your understanding of something. Don't pretend if you don't know the answers because your reputation may be at stake. Your defenses are weaker than usual and you are inclined to passively withdraw or give in to other people rather than act decisively and strongly on your own behalf. The early bird catches the worm. If you avoid responding to important communications, you may miss the boat. Don’t postpone anything today.


20 February - 20 March

You want to travel, exchange ideas and generally get out of the rut you've been in. Movement is the key word today so under no circumstances stay indoors. You'll be nervous in speaking to a group or a crowd but if you refuse they could take this as an insult. You can't neglect your responsibilities in this respect. Your emotions may be cool at the moment, so try to explain this to someone before they misinterpret your attitude. Distance may be a good thing today. You do not want to be accessible to anyone today, so you will need to create an air of aloofness to keep others at arm's length. This will generate fear and respect.


21 March - 20 April

You feel as if you need to break free of a prison - emotionally speaking. You have handed over your power to someone and will now regret it. Your broken expectations for a friendship being more than what it was could cause you to be brought back down to Earth. You must understand that humans are prone to error. It may be hard to see and understand what's happening in the outside world, as you could be feeling subjective and disconnected. Don't make important decisions just now. You may wish to track your lineage, your family history or genealogies just now and If there are some obstacles to this don't give up.


21 April - 21 May

You mustn't lose your temper today. You could be livid about an event over which you have no control. Getting angry will only inflame the situation. You may find yourself receiving gifts or appreciation which you don't feel entirely deserving of. Rather than condemn yourself however simply be motivated to spread this goodwill to others and you will quickly find peace and self-acceptance. Any guilt you are feeling is self-imposed. Confine any deep or brilliant thoughts to a strict channel and communicate only those issues which are relevant to the present state of affairs. You may be tempted to draw allusions to other conditions, past incidents or persons which may be regarded as irrelevant by people you're trying to work with.


22 May - 21 June

You have the ability to turn on a work situation and once this happen, you will feel very relieved and able to move forward. If you are too truthful in your opinions you may offend someone just right now. In fact saying anything at all may not change that person an iota. Your serious mood could scare away professional opportunities but those who understand you will still be there to support you and steer you in the right direction. Your ideas may meet resistance at present, so be careful who you share your knowledge with.


22 June - 23 July

You'll be thinking seriously on several subjects and don't want to be disturbed. You could be effective by co-ordinating your activities with others but want to do things your way. A blatant misrepresentation by someone at work may have you seeing red. Call it as you see it. You’re at odds with your boss or a superior in your workplace. You may be feeling some sort of lack. You may be blamed for something, but you must hold your ground and fight for your rights today. These accusations may come from someone you usually trust.


24 July - 23 August

You’re feeling confident, but Mercury could be tempting you to feel down about some of your less than desirable character traits. Be positive! Your will is blocked at present, and someone who is envious of you is trying to stall your success. Be creative in how you side-step them at present. There should be religious festivity or pilgrimage which is available to you now. Investigate this because it could be good for your growth. Just because you are an authorized to access information it doesn't mean that you can't get someone you know to do the job for you. You understand what I mean.


24 August - 23 September

Making changes on the home front will give you a personal sense of satisfaction now. You will be working hard on beautifying your environment and living space. You're comfortable in your relationships at present and want to meet others half way. This is a great time for reconciliation.You must resist the temptation of overloading yourself with work. Self-worth and looking after your own needs are the secrets to your growth today. Your dedication to work will mean that your creativity is flowing.


24 September - 23 October

Deep thinking will help you stumble upon an unusual solution today. Your intuition is stronger but your thinking may be slow. You are trying to help someone with their finances, but old habits die hard. Today, it is important to reconnect with your father or some important male authority figure. Some good advice will hold you in good stead. You may need to take control of a situation if management is out to lunch. This may be a daunting task but it will serve to reveal some of your other hidden talents. Make suggestions.


24 October - 22 November

Your decisions should be popular, even though you are fearful of the response. You may be afraid of pooling your resources and physical energies with someone else due to the fact that you may not gain the recognition you desire. Today is a day of spiritual trust. Youll be tempted to try something very different today especially if you become a little tired of the day-by-day routine. Dare to be different and explore whats on offer. Have faith in your capacity to solve problems and gain the support you need.


23 November - 22 December

You'll start to be more action-orientated but may not want to be the center of activity. Working behind the scenes and helping someone else seems to be the order of the day. Hurt feelings can surface and cause a lot of grief in a relationship but with love understanding and communication it will work out. Your creativity in communications should be used to your advantage. Write that letter, if you must. If you've been in any sort of abusive relationship, you can eliminate it from your life right now. Your keyword today is transformation, but be warned, this is not a simple task.

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Your dreams are vivid, and there may be some psychic experiences that will help you come to a conclusion over a problem. Your sense of identity...

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