The gap between the Reserve Bank’s official cash rate and credit card rates needs to be urgently addressed, says Good Shepherd.

Bring card providers to account over high interest: inquiry

CREDIT card providers should be brought to account when they fail to pass on interest rate falls to consumers, a national financial hardship group argues.

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haftadoo - Hatton Vale

Current credit card rates are at what? Surely he jests! Citibank are advertising a honeymoon rate, which reverts to it's normal rate of 21+% . . far above what he quotes. Current rates at CBA are between 19 and 24%, and ANZ is around 13 - 21%. Add this...


Samsung SleepSense

Why taking your Samsung to bed makes good SleepSense

SLEEP experts say it's not a great idea to take your Samsung to bed. But in this case, they might need to make an exception.

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Just an advertisement for Samsung. This app will not help you sleep any better. All it may do is give you a sort of record of your sleep patterns but that will not help you sleep any better on its own. More money wasted on junk by an over supplied...

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